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          Make Money With Stock Photography 

 As with anything else online there are numerous ways to make money, Using photography can be rewarding and exciting if you enjoy taking pictures.
Have fun and make money.

Many of us like taking pictures and there are some of us that are good at it. They even have sites for taking pictures with your phone and you can upload them to sell online. 

I have a nice camera and prefer taking quality pictures and putting them online for sale. This is a way for me to take something I enjoy and turn it into a way to make a little extra money. You can do it too and there are sites and apps that allow you to use your phone, this is easy because you always have your phone with you.

Put Your Pictures On Merchandise

There are sites out there that put your artwork on hundreds of items and sell them for you paying you a commission, Zazzle and CafePress are two of the leaders in this area. They do the work for you, you upload the images you want and pick the merchandise, Then you build a store and start advertising your merchandise. 

Then their are sites like Ebay and Etsy where you can sell your work, you can watermark it and see it as an image or if you have a really unique and special piece I would frame it and sell it that way.   

Stock Photography

A site I like is 123RF and I have had good success with it. There is no limit to how much you can upload they just have to be a certain size or larger and of good quality. This sites also has a referral program where you can earn from other people sales or purchases so it is good to advertise.

Another site I like is called Bigstock, I have been doing well there and this is my second biggest selling company. I like this site because uploading is easy, you do have an upload limit that goes by your approval rate. The do review your pictures fast and in two or three days they get reviewed and you can add more.

I have one more I want to mention to you is Dreamstime and I like it because it gets plenty of views, the thing with this site is it can take 3 days to 3 weeks for your images to be reviewed and added depending on how busy they are. It is also fairly easy to upload your pictures onto.

Vectors, Illustrations, and Videos   

 Now these sites are not just limited to pictures, you can drawl illustrations and vectors with an editor and add them as well as short video clips. To be honest with you I have not tried these because I actually like taking pictures so I can not tell you how well they sell other then that they do because I see sales.


If you have a specialty then focus on that to get known first because that is where your best work will be and then start to branch out. You may be really good at one or two things so start with them and build a name for yourself while learning to do other aspects of photography. When you feel you are good enough to sell the new stuff then start adding that and see how it does, Remember that everything has a learning curve.

DSLR Cameras

If you want to make money you will need one of these cameras because most of the better sites require a certain size image. These cameras have come a long way since the 35 mm days. You can do many things and with all the options and controls you can take the same picture in many different ways or just make it better.


These cameras are only as good as their lens so I recommend this is where you spend your money. There are many different types that do different things, your results are directly related to the quality of glass you have.

Macro Lenses

Macro lenses are used to capture images of small items and show the smallest of details. You can get a special macro lens or get extension tubes to do the same with your lenses with little loss in photo quality. You can use a 35 or 50 mm and be right on top of you subject or you can get a 70 or 100 mm to have a few feet to work.

Telephoto Lens

A telephoto lens is used to bring far way images in close, these are needed to take pictures of things you are unable to get close to.

Prime Lens

A prime lens has a fixed focal length like 50 mm or 70 mm, These are less versatile then telephotos but take a better picture because they do not adjust.  Because of this they can use better glass, the prime lens will usually have a lower aperture stop to make use of more light.

Wide Angle Lens

A wide angle lens captures an image too large to fit into the frame, when you do not have the distance to back up you reach for a wide angle and make it work for you. Mane times you will get a wide angle lens mated with a macro to make it work, the wide angle pushes the image back to fit the frame and the macro brings it back in a little.

Image Quality

The image quality goes a long way towards the picture being nice or deleted, learning how to use your cameras features to your advantage takes time.
First you need to learn what makes a good picture and the you need to know how to use the camera's tools to make it happen. This takes some studying and plenty of experimenting with what settings look like what.


There is money to be made with photography but you have to learn to find what is in demand and get better at providing that then other people.

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