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Build a Blog

How to Build A Blog Or Website

image of blog lettering   A good way to start earning money is to build a website or blog of your own,  Blogger and wordpress have a free blog builder you can use to build one. There is only so much you can do there and you will not have complete control but it is great for starting out, you can learn what you need to know without paying monthly for hosting to learn.
  Once you get it making money you can move it over to your own hosting and have complete control to add more to it. This is a great way to learn and see if you want to do it without spending money.

Pick A Topic You Know About

Start by picking a topic you know a lot about and figure out what and how you want to write about, Then start doing some keyword research and pick your keywords, you want to lay out the framework of the site and know where the pages with certain Keywords will go.

Pick A Site name

  Pick a name for your site that has you main keyword in it if possible, this use to be real important with your SEO. It is not as important as it once was but still carries some weight. You may have to change this when getting a domain name because you want them to go together, meaning you want your domain name to have your main keyword in it if possible like your site name.

Get your Domain name and hosting

At this point you will need to get your domain name and hosting, if you use the free sites I mentioned you can pick your name but the url will be given to you and people can tell it is from a free site. This is not a big deal when just starting out, at this point you are gaining experience while learning, you still want to make the best site possible.
  I know with blogger now you can add your own domain name(URL) to your site, get it from google or anywhere you want.

  After building your site and start doing good with it, you can keep it there or switch it over to a paid hosting site where you have full control and own everything.
You can get your domain name and hosting in the same place or in different places, getting them in different places may let you save a few dollars but takes a little more work to connect them. It is not hard and is something you should learn anyway, especially if you want to make more sites in the future.

I would suggest getting a hosting plan that you can host unlimited sites on, then all you will need is another domain name and you can get that for as little as a few dollars a year.

HostGator has one of the best deals I have seen for hosting, check out what they have to offer here.

Incorporate Search Engine Optimization Into Your Site

   Search Engine Optimization is what the search engines use to index and rank your site and pages. When someone puts in your keywords for a search and the results come up, you want to be ranked high enough to be on the first page - being the first one on that page is the best spot to be.  You get there by having the best SEO for that keyword.

image of SEO letters  You achieve this by using the best keywords in certain places and having a backlinking plan that gives you plenty of backlinks from well established and higher ranking sites. The age of your site also helps so do not worry if it takes some time, just keep adding quality content and building good backlinks and the day will come when your site ranks well.

  Pick the keywords you want the site to rank for, then variations of these keywords or related keywords for your content. You want at least 200 of these, build the website and start writing content for it.

Where you put the keywords for the keywords for the search engine crawlers to see is important as the words themselves, you want them in your url and you site name. You want to put them in your page title and description, in your meta tags and you image alt tags. Having them in your content 2 to 3 times is good, having each keyword in the first 200 to 300 hundred words of your content works well. Google gives the first 200 to 300 hundred words of your content more weight then the rest.  

Build authorship of your work, make sure your work is credited to yourself as the author. Filling out a profile will help to establish this. Using the google+1 feature works also, build a profile there and start working on followers. Good way to build traffic too.

Once you get some content on your site it is time to start working towards building quality backlinks, you want sites with higher page rank. One backlink from a page rank 5 site is better the 20 from page rank 1 sites. The 20 lower rank sites are still good to have, just stay away from sites that sell backlinks. These will get you penalized and your rank will be lowered.  Work a little everyday and try to build 2 or 3 a day if possible, this looks more natural then building a lot one day then not doing it for a while.  You also want to link words in your content to other parts of your site, this also gives link credit.

Tips To Improve Your Site

  Social media is good today to build traffic that could turn viral and keep building itself, you want to make profiles in sites like Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, and Facebook.  Building a good following on them can get you a good number of visitors.

Use images and videos on your site and in blog posts, search engines give these higher ratings that help your SEO.  Remember to use your keywords in the alt tags of these images.

Post to your blog on a regular basis. The consistency helps to build the amount of content you have and shows the search engines that you participate regularly.

Building your site is the easy part, then you have to build a good amount of traffic. There are ways to do this that can go viral and help you.

  Sharing on social media sites is a good way to get yourself out there and build traffic, if your work is good people will re-share you and it starts to go viral.

 Making videos can be a good source of traffic, as the videos are watched it can drive people to your site. The video can get used or shared and then it starts to go viral.

Good luck with all your endeavors..