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  There are thousands of websites online that claim to be the best way to make money online, out of all the sites I checked and tried to use I have only found a few that actually worked. You are not going to get rich working on these sites but if you work you want to get paid for the work you do.  I will provide you my honest opinion based on my experience and research about the ways I found to make money online.

     Here are some money making websites I have experience with:

Paid Viewpoint  I just started trying this site out, it looks interesting and shows the money you make as you make it, With only a 15 dollar payout it should be easy to reach.

 NEOBUX  This site was a bad experience for me, it has been around since 2008 and that is usually a good sign. It is a pay to click site that has ways to get you to pay to earn money or advertise on your site. You would not want to advertise on that site because the traffic is getting paid to click on your site, they are not there to buy.  Most of my research said it was a scam and they would find ways to not pay you.   I worked for over 20 minutes and earned 1 cent, I could not do it anymore. It was also a hassle to join.

Swagbucks  This site says you can make money playing games, searching with their search engine, doing surveys, or other little things like a daily poll.
I joined up and it was a little hard and took some time, in about an hour I had 138 swabbucks saved up. Swagbucks is what you earn on the site, you can then trade them for gift cards or cash into paypal. I am sure their are tricks to learn to this site that will increase your earnings, my research wasn't that bad for this site. I did not hear about anyone not getting paid, the first payout took about a month for most people. 

Triond  Writing on this site is like Hubpages, they are similar. I have no experience on this site but have found it compared with hubpages many times. They have a better pay split then hubpages, and they say you can advertise your work better on there.

Infolinks Have you ever seen the highlighted words with double lines under them, and when you mouse over them an add appears-that is an infolink. Put these in your content and you get paid for views or clicks.

Thoughtz Factory  This is a new site so there is not much about it yet, You ad a thought with a picture. You split 50% of the ad revenue from the site with other users based on your views. I added a thought and picture in less then 5 minutes. In may have some potential, not sure yet.

Milk The Blog  This sounded like a great site, then I done some research. The pay is good but readership is low, and if you do not reach the 15 dollar payout at the end of the month you lose what you earned and start over. Use at your own risk.

Postanyarticle I saw this site but do not have any experience with it, while checking it out I see most pages go to a partner site. They do not use adsense, you get paid from ads on the site, It says you get paid for comments too. This may be a site to check out, just be careful at first.  

Chatabout  This is a site that you work for and get points, you then cash the points in for money. I have no experience with this site, I did notice it is hard to get information about it.

Zujava  This site reminds me of Squidoo, it works and looks similar. All the information I can find about it is two years old but it is still up and running. It is still here after the google updates so it must be good. It has a support system of people that have been there you can ask for help, what you write there are called leaves. The first three have to be approved so it may be a little better quality then Squidoo or Hubpages. I do not have experience with this site yet but I will be checking it out.

Textbroker  This looks like a legitimate site, it has been around awhile and has 6 or more payment methods. You can make between 7 and 50 dollars for a 1000 word article depending on your skill as a writer. They have plenty of resources for you to better yourself and learn, if you can write I suggest you check this one out.

Writer Access  This is another site for writers, it looks like they are seeking trained or very good writers but they have a higher pay scale. If you are looking to write from home then this may be another option for you.

Bukisa  Here is another writing site like the others, this one use to have a high payout but could not sustain it. It was supposed to revamp itself if it hasn't already, it may be on the rebound. I would check it out carefully. I just want to include it out of being thorough with my research.

Firehow  Here is another write and get paid website, no experience with it.  I keep finding these sites that are all basically the same, I do not know if it is worth trying. Some people like things a certain and by trying different sites you may find one you like. Do not spend a lot of time on any one site until you know it is worth the effort.

Clickworker  I do not have any experience with this site, the things I have heard about it were good. It is a work at home task site, the tasks seem to be a higher level. You have to get tested on your abilities, the better skilled you are the more that is open to choose from. I see this as a virtual assistant type of thing and you will get paid better for what you do.

Jingit  Here is a site where you can scan in your receipts and earn money for certain purchases, take surveys, and watch ads. They have an app that you can use to earn while you are in the store.

ChaCha  Become a guide on ChaCha, research and answer questions, get paid for completing tasks.

Demand Studios  This site gives you many ways to work, I have no experience with it, you can earn by writing, making videos, taking pictures, editing, and a few other ways.

Experts123  This site is fairly new and I have joined to try it, everything I have found about it is good and people are getting paid on time. I am trying it and will let you know more, you may want to try it also.