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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How To Make Money On Zazzle

  How to make money on Zazzle involves knowing about the site and how it works. Zazzle is a site where you make items by adding your artwork. They make the items and have them shipped out. Then they pay you a percentage depending on what you set it to be.
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How to make money on Zazzle three ways.

There are three ways to make money, Which one you do depends on your skill level and if you make any physical products. Anyone with a little computer skill can use the site to make items. The better items you make determine your level of success.


If you are good at drawling, photography, or designing with an editor you can put your work on their products. Creating new and unique designs that will interest people is the key to making money.


If you have a business and make the physical product you can join Zazzle and use it as another avenue to sell your good. This works well because the orders are delivered to you without advertising.


If you have a website or blog you can advertise your products or other people's and earn a percentage for the referral and the mark up from your product. Many people do it this way because you earn double from the sale.  There are also ways to earn if you do not have a website or blog by advertising on social media sites.

Click here to view the Zazzle site

There are literally hundreds of products to add your artwork to. This is not a get rich quick scheme, you will earn depending on the amount of work you put into it, What I like is it becomes a passive earning stream. Once you make and add a product you can earn from it two or three years late. Add products regularly and your line of products as well as your earning potential will grow.

Tips on using Zazzle

Produce a quality image for the products, this can mean a photograph or something you create on an editor. Take a little time and make it nice because it will be for sale for years. It can be an revenue stream in the future.

Build your line of merchandise. The more you have listed is the more chances you have to earn from them. Learn how to make good titles and descriptions because this is how your product can be found. If you are familiar with SEO then you can optimize your listing for placements in the search engines.

You can specialize in a line of items that relate to your website or blog, then list your items there or refer people to them from your sites. You can build more then one store in your account, If you have or want to make different websites you can make a store that sell items that relate to them individually.

Use social media to advertise and get your store known. Whatever platform you like or have a following on can be used. People like Facebook but I am not that into it. I like Pinterest and Tsu because they both use images with descriptions. They also add the whole thing including a link to your item with just a URL or pin added as the post.

They also have APPs so you can search or make products on the go. I use it to check in on sales.

Check out my store at DECEMBER 3RD . I have an assortment of products,  however, I specialize in T-shirts and phone cases. Now you have an idea how to make money on Zazzle so give it a try.                  

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