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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tsu - A Site That Pays

tsu writind

Tsu allows you to post and share it out, this is a new site with & million to invest in becoming big. It is like Facebook with less fancy stuff because you get paid instead of the money going into the site, it is not to be a replacement unless you like it better.

It can be used for business to build a following and earn while doing it, you want to build a network of children(referrals).  The site share 90% and keeps 10% to maintain the platform and it has been making money.


The site pays the used 90%, 45% directly to the content creator and the other 45% to your parents in three generation splits. This is why you want the network, the larger it is the more 45% you will get a percentage of.

I post and share things while adding my business name and sometimes links to build traffic as I go. There is a learning curve as with anything so you need to be patient until you learn how to bring real money in.

Tsu is a fairly new site with big aspirations to grow like facebook has, it has the potential and funding. It just needs the people to use it and start making money.

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