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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Make A Living Online

                           Making A Living Online

 It is difficult to make money online but not impossible, making a living online has a learning curve and many people will give up before earning any money or reaching a payout amount. Many sites bank on you not reaching the payout amount so I will struggle to reach it and cash out without ever participating again.

 I also write this blog to tell about my experiences with these sites and the ones that do not pay, I put a lot of hours into this and sometimes (more often then not) I do not make a cent. To keep bringing this information you and having it available all the time I need help. My earnings from this site come through my links so use them when you can to make purchases, It will help me to create more content and address better issues about earning money online.

Blogging can be a good way to make an online income but it takes a while to build up readers and you need a subject that drawls people to it.  Here is a good book that gives you the ins and outs,
How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog It helped me to get started and build readership and now I just have to continue what I am doing. I want to do more but I still work a day job.

Make A Living

To make a living online you need to have your own site or blog, you can make money online with revenue sharing sites like  Hubpages but you will never make enough to live off of.
I participate on these sites daily and earn a few dollars a day but I mostly get advertising to my sites from them, give it a try and follow where your site traffic comes from and you will see it works. They may only bring in a few dollars a day but it is pretty consistent and it adds up with other income or even on it's own..


 Since I opened the door to advertising I will discuss that now, whatever you do online you will need to advertise it. This has become much easier with the social media sites that are now available, I like Pinterest and Tsu for this, the second is an invite only and you get paid for your sharing on there. If you wish an invitation then click the link, I have to say that with social media marketing you need to be connected in may places and put the time in to make it work. I will add that good and interesting content can go viral and sell itself.

Other ways to make money inline are Sites like Amazon Mechanical turk or if you are good at taking pictures you can start to sell them on sites like 123RF , Bigstock, and Dreamstime. These are good sites to buy and sell pictures on and if you are into photography then it is worth looking into.

The Truth

The truth is you can make money on many ways online but if you want to make a living you need to have your own sites. If you can find ways to advertise your site and get traffic you will make money, I try to advertise in ways that I get paid for as well so I have more sources of income even if it is just a little. If I was doing it anyway for traffic I might as well get paid for it.


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