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Friday, July 10, 2015

Make Money With Photography

Maybe your hobby or profession is photography and you are good at it, learn to make money with photography or expand the business you already do with photography.
Image Of Camera

 Many people need images online to create their sites, blogs, or articles. This creates a high demand for images that fit into hundreds of categories. Take what you like or are good at and focus your images on that, once you get started then experiment with other styles or interests.

 You might be surprised to learn you are good at other aspects of taking pictures. I have always liked wildlife but I get contentment to sit back and film it.

 Now there are hundreds of stock sites out there that you can buy images from or sell your images to, or you could do both and break even.
 I am going to name just a few that I had experiences with and made money, I have also used their images for my sites.

 123RF  The first one I want to start with is a site I like called 123RF that works well, I joined it and was scared off by how complicated it looked. I started on some other sites and learned about stock photography, I realized it was not complicated at all and went back. I been making money with it ever since, not a lot but it is growing as my profile does.

 I think the thing to do is diversify, have your images on three or more sites and sell them on other sites like fiver as well.

 Dreamstime  This site gets a good amount of views meaning your pictures are being viewed, it just takes a long time to get your pictures added to the site(14 to 21 days) Once you get your pictures on Dreamstime then you have a good chance of making money with them.

 This is not a way to make a lot of money until you get established with hundreds of images online. You can make money with it add if you stick with it and get better you will learn how to make more as you go. 

More Money

 Other ways to earn are by making vectors or logos and loading them for sale, if you can drawl or make illustrations you can load these for sale and make money from them the same as from pictures.


 Between the three sites I am on I make a sale almost every day, I have maybe 100 to 150 images on each site and some of them are the same. I see it actually becoming something if I keep loading pictures. You want to pay attention to what is selling and work on that.

 Also you want to get ready for holidays 60 days before, get images or Vectors loaded ahead of time so they can be used for the upcoming holiday.

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