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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Make Money With Your Pictures

Person taking pictureI have been looking into making money by taking pictures, it is a market that is flooded with amateurs
 and a good share of professionals. The upside of it is there are plenty of people online that need pictures for their articles and design ideas. Their is still money to be made here if you have the equipment and know how.

My 35mm experience

When I was 13 to 17 I done photography with my father, we had a darkroom and developed our own film and pictures. I thought getting into this was going to be easy because of what I knew and I discovered how much photography has changed with the use of digital and no need for film.

 Some of what I know helps but I have much to learn with the new cameras
digital camera
and techniques. I thought my good  Nikon coolpix and Kodiak  cameras would work and quickly found out I can not even get Pictures on the quality sites with these cameras. I found a couple free sites that share adsense revenue with you but have only made pennies so far.

Because of my experience and love for pictures I thought this would be a good idea for me and still do, I just have to learn a little and get better equipment.
  I am looking for a reasonably priced camera that is good enough for some great pictures and learning what I can about digital picture taking and processing. I have found one I want but it is near 1000.00 dollars and if I do not do it to make money that is a unnecessary purchase. Maybe a cheaper model to start and if I get into it big time I can get a better one.
 You may be lucky to have one already if you think of trying this.
Quality digital camera

Selling sites

I have tried three sites that take lower quality photos, two of them have made me a few cents and the third must be dead because I did not get one view with 38 pictures. I am deleting my account there, that was the paying site and the adsense sites made me a few pennies. I have not been able to get on the good sites. The sites I have made a few cent with are Freerange stock and Stockvault. I noticed you need pictures that are interesting and have  theme like "man washing hands" or Cat climbing Tree" to get more attention but regular pictures that are good can bring in some views if you know what is popular at the time.

Knowing what is trending at the time really helps you to focus subject matter on making money. I try to get picture that are good now and will still sell later because building up a portfolio of more pictures that are selling means more long term income.

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