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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Experts123 Looks to Be A Good Site

I have heard of this site and joined to try it, all my research is coming back as a good site. Everyone is getting paid on time.
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Making Money

All the money you make here is by views to your work, once you get so many articles turned in (I think it is 5 good ones) you move up to a level where you get paid upfront for your articles. You also become eligible to do work for people directly as assignments where you get paid 10, 20.00 or more for your articles if they want them.

You can make money by asking and answering questions and in this manner you get paid for 1000 views. This depends on your level of work and it is between 1.00 and 2.00 per 1000 views, It also works on a point system where you get more points for what you do and the site gives you more privileges, you need 30 points to start writing articles but you get that many for filling out your profile. These points also establish you as an expert in a field allowing you to rank higher.

Site Rules

The site rules are not bad and they are there to protect you and the site while making it better, there are not many that make it overwhelming. I have not experienced any that I have not experienced on other sites. You can join and then spend a few minutes with them and be ready to start-not bad!

Getting Paid

Right now you have to have a Paypal account to get paid because that is the only way they pay, I use Paypal for most of my payments anyway so this works fine for . They are reliable and secure as a money platform.  

My Recommendation  

As of right now My research is good about this site, I have joined it and actively adding to it to see how it works. I will be adding more as I go, I do recommend you try it if you are interested but as with anything until it has a proven success rate- just be careful..   

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