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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Websites That Pay You To Write

  Over the past couple of years most of the websites that pay you to write have taken a hit and closed their doors, Some still have the site online squeezing the last dollar out of it while people  unknowingly join and waste their time there.

 Some of these sites had a good set up and many users so it was a shame that they feel to the google updates. I guess it had to come sooner or later and some good people that were just trying to make a few dollars to make ends meet are left out in the cold.

A few of these sites are;

  1. Squidoo
  2. Snipsley
  3. Zujava
  4. Xomba
There have been some sites popping up to replace them, they pay little and are not popular enough to have many visitors. Or you get one that pays more then you know it should and wonder how it will sustain that, is it going to go under?

I came across one of these sites and I am curious about how it works, I joined and will try it to let everyone know about it. You mat be interested in trying it as well, just in case it works out and gets popular you can be in on it from the beginning. If you are interested the site is called Seraphic Insights and it seems to be like the site Thoughtz factory a little however there is much more to it.

 With as big as the internet is it should not be so hard to earn money online, it was getting to where there were a few good sites and then the updates wiped them out. I know the changes will make it better eventually but I wonder if it will be changes again as soon as it starts getting good.
Finding websites that pay you to write is getting harder.


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