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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Writing At Wizzley

                             Do you consider yourself a writer, Try Wizzley?

  If you write for a living and actually make money to pay your bills then you may be a professional writer, if you write at revenue sharing sites then I have a good one for you to try. I have heard of this site called Wizzley but never tried it until recently. Now I wish I tried it a long time ago when I first heard about it.

  Once I checked out this site and saw the way the earning potential was set up I had to try it, I signed up and rushed to get my first article on there. Because I was in a rush I wrote an article that would have been acceptable on other site and it was rejected for quality, I should have been upset but I was actually happy because I now know that this site has higher standards.

  The thing about this site for me is I have a hard time finding the rules and what you can do there, maybe I am just looking in the wrong spots. I am still excited so I sit down and put a good quality article together and it gets rejected for the topic, this confuses me because I saw one similar to mine so I look into it. Turns out they no longer take that subject because it is played out, been done to many times.

  At this point you would think I would give up but this has just raised my expectations, I done some research about the site and found what works there. I have made 7 articles in a row that have been accepted, it is a good site with higher standards. Once you know what is good to do there you are on your way to making money, it has more ways to earn income then any other revenue sharing site I have come across.

  I just had another article refused because it was to much like one of my previous ones they said, this was my fault because it was. I used it on another site. This makes me even more confident in Wizzley, they have high standards. I can tell you that my articles that I have there are doing good already, and only one I really did keyword research on.


  1. Good to hear you are enjoying the site. I am on it too and I have 5 articles there. Wizzley has a great format and I like the calibre of the writers there. I also had one of my articles rejected for being about a topic that was too written about on the net.

    My best earner, for now, is WebAnswers though. I have already made payout since I started in February, but I do not count that month since I really didn't post much. I started seriously in March. I am pleased with it.

    Making money online is an exciting journey as you try new things and see if they have drawn in any income. Oh, the excitement when you see even just some cents starting to trickle in.

    1. I have seen you on web answers, you are doing well there. We started the same time and I just made a pay out myself. Good luck.

  2. WebAnswers led me to this blog. You answered a question I had asked about Adsense earnings and the mobile algorithm update, then I checked your profile and it led me here. Good luck with your online endeavours.