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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Is Affiliate marketing

        What is Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing or referral marketing as it is sometimes called is when a person collects a fee for advertising another person's product and a sale is made. An affiliate marketer will promote other people's merchandise in the way they have available to them or create another way. They are usually good at marketing and driving traffic in certain directions.

Build A Blog Or Website

  Most of the time this is done with the creation of a blog or website, writing about something you know and then putting ads on it when it starts to have a good amount of daily traffic.

Brand Yourself

 This is not necessary but if your plans are to start building sites and building  an income online it could a good thing to help you establish the new sites. 
You want to brand yourself as an expert in the area to develop trust and loyalty, the readers that come back or visit on a regular basis are the ones that you seek. Make an about you page or and author profile so people can get to know you and your experience level.  It is their intent that you want to know and understand, what are they their for and how can you use it to get them to buy.

  When you build a site you have to remember to keep it relevant with your ads, advertise ads or products that go with what the site is about. This will help to convert sales but will also help with SEO and getting traffic to the site.

Use Others Strengths In Your Favor

  Because Amazon is good at converting, focus on learning how to build a site and get traffic to it. Let them do what they do best, Once you have learned your part then you can move on to learn other things, use what they do as an example to learn from and see how they get their results.

                Social Media Produces Results

  Today we have some powerful tools to use to reach millions of people, these are called social media marketing sites. They are very productive and the ways to use them drive massive amounts of traffic to your site or blog. I normally will not advertise in an article but this is a good example of what affiliate marketing is and the amount of tips and information in this book is valuable. I have bought it myself and highly recommend it.
It gives you ways to use all the social media platforms in the way they were designed to be used, you can use them directly without taking months or years to build productive blogs or websites. You start to see income from the beginning, this delivers you an income while you take the time to build up a following to your site.
  I know you are thinking why don't I just use them to make sales then and you are on point with that, you can and will.  Building a quality site with a following gives you other ways to monetize it and bring in money, it is a way of developing a brand and creating other avenues of income.

  The information you will get from this book would take a long time to learn, and time is money. You can be using this and learning other things. I included it because I was impressed with how much it helped me to increase traffic, the amount I would make off of it would not buy me a half a cup of coffee.
  It is not something I would normally advertise, it is highly useful.

  Another reason I wanted to start with this is because Amazon is good at converting sales, that is what they do - all day, everyday !!
This is a good way to start, let them do what they do while you learn to get and build traffic. Once you get good at that you can move on to learning to convert sales and then start to advertise more products. Using social media can deliver instant traffic that will continue to trickle in after a long period of time. It can even go viral if it starts to get re shared and surprise you with the traffic.

Many Other Choices In Affiliate Sites

 There are so many affiliates sites to use today, some have requirements to join while others will take anyone. You want to look at some of the better ones like commission junction or clickbank, Amazon has one but there pay rate is low. You will find something that fits your style, the object is to get out there and be seen. Traffic makes the difference.  

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