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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Using Keywords To Get More Traffic

               Using Keywords to Get More Traffic.

 Keywords are important to get your site indexed to get more traffic to it, knowing when and how to use them is important in building your site. A keyword is a word or group of words you use to tell the search engines what
the site is about, you also have long tail keywords which is a group of words that is more focused on what your site is about.
   Long Tail keywords bring a more targeted form of traffic to your site.Once you know what your site is to be about you want to start doing your keyword research and pick about 100 to 200 good keywords or phrases that have a good amount of searches but little competition. 
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   Keywords with hundreds of thousands of searches are good but will have too much competition, try to find keywords with 5,000 to 30,000 monthly searches or less.

   There are some good keyword tools out there to use to help you with this but they are not all free, here is a free one from Google that I use and works well.  It is called the Google Keywords Planner Tool and you can use it to check out your Keywords. It says you have to join Adwords to use it but you do not, you join to get to the tool but do not start a campaign. Click tools and the drop down menu will have keyword planner tool on it, click that and your there.
  Use one or two keyword per page to focus traffic to that page, and then start writing good quality content.

Knowing Where To Put Your Keywords

You do not just put these words anywhere, knowing where they go to get the most benefit from them is important. You want the search engines to find your site easily so placing them where the engines look is the trick. Here are the places you should use:

  • In the URL is a good place, this still works but not s important as it use to be.
  • In the page Heading.
  • In the page description.
  • In the Meta tag, this shows when people search keywords and your site appears.
  • In the alt tag of images
  • In the navigation links
  • In the content links to other parts of your site.
  • In your content but only a few times naturally.
The search engines give the first 200 or so words of your content higher consideration so make sore you get each Keyword in there once.  I go for putting them two or three times in an article and keep it sounding as natural as possible. Once is the first paragraph, somewhere in the middle (optional), and once in the last paragraph or close to it.

Other Ways To Use Keywords To find Traffic

You want to use your keywords three times in your content if you have good long articles, this does not include plurals. Include plurals of your keyword a few times, it helps to raise your rankings.

This may make your page look funny but if your keyword has a common misspelling then use it and you will find some extra traffic.

Acronyms can also help to bring in extra traffic, include both the full spelling and the acronym in your content. If only one is know by the person searching then you double the chance of getting that person to your site.

Use Similar Keywords on your page, an example would be if your keyword is big sandwiches you should also use words like huge sandwiches or fat sandwiches.  You give yourself the chance to rank for those words as well, the more your site ranks for the better you will be.
The search engines will know more about your site by using these different keyword variations and you will rand better and get more traffic.

Most of the work is in finding good keywords that will rank well, after that you will do the same things with them every time. Just vary the presentation slightly so your site does not look the same always.

Using keywords to bring in organic traffic will continue to grow the traffic to your site as you ad more content to it, this has a cumulative effect that keeps building as you create content with good and relative keywords

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