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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Best And Worst Ways To Make Money Online.

The Best and Worst Ways To Make Money Online

    There are Plenty of claims on how to make money online, some work and some do not. Here are some of the best and worst ways to make money online. 
  There are people out there that want to help others make money an better themselves, and unfortunately there are the ones that want to  make money at your expense. Knowing the difference and associating with the ones that want to help will make the difference whether you succeed or fail in your money making efforts.
  I have been researching ways to make money online for myself and have learned much, there are many sites you can work on that look good but do not pay or find ways to get out of paying. They say you did not do it right or did not follow the rules. If it happens once then it will happen again, before I spend anytime working on a site I will research the site and see if anyone has had problems. I can over look one complaint because someone could have had a bad experience or misunderstood something.  When you have several complaints about the same thing then you see a pattern that shows the problem is there.

  I always check out what is said about something before I put time into it, there are some sites I found that work well. You do not get rich but you make money and you get paid when you should. When you find one like this you like then keep working on it.

Here are some types of paying sites

  Content writing sites can be good, there are two form of these. One you write content and share revenue from the visits, and that other you write articles to sell.  I look for ones that use adsense because you know they have to be legit to get on adsense. Then you know you will get paid if adsense pays you directly. If you are good at writing you can bring a lot of traffic your way.

  Sites where you perform work can be good if they are legit, these are hard to find but there are some. One of the good ones I found is Amazon Mechanical turk, you do the work and have no problem getting paid because it is Amazon.

In these you have sites like Fiverr where you can sell work you offer to do for someone, you can make money with this.

Then you have sites where you can sell something like ebay or amazon, there are sites where you can make something and sell it. Zazzle and Etsy are in this category.

 You have sites that pay you to click and stay on other sites for up to 30 seconds, these pay very little if they pay you at all. Many of these sites are scams so be careful.

Build your own Blog

Building your own blog is a good way to make money but it takes work and dedication. You want to blog regularly and create good content.

Then you need to advertise it as well.

Then you advertise your product, and affiliate product, and/or put Adsense on the site.

The amount of money you make can be better then the sites you work on for money, work sites usually have a limit to what you can make. This can be a set limit or just what is possible because of the time involved.

Make videos and put ads on them

You can make videos that get a lot of views and put ads on them that pay you. I make videos that advertise ways to do things, and always include a link to my site.

Affiliate marketing

This is when you advertise someone else's product or site and get paid for doing it, this is good to do when you are good with SEO and Advertising.
 This can be good or bad, depending on how you do it.

The best ways I found to make money

These were selling on ebay, answering on web answers, using Amazon mechanical Turk, and on your own blog. Find a way that works for you and get good at it. 

The worst ways I found to make money

These were on sites that did not pay or paid very little, watch ot for scam sites.

These are some of the best and worst ways to make money and a little explanation about them, find what is best for you and do it.

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