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Monday, March 9, 2015

Amazon Mechanical Turk

                      Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an excellent site to make money on, if you are looking for a way to work online and earn some extra money this is one of the best there is.   On here you do small jobs called hits and make a fee of one cent to two dollars or more each. As with anything else you need to learn all the ins and outs of how it works to maximize your earnings. You are dealing with Amazon which is a large and reliable company so there is no worrying about it being a scam or getting paid.

  When using this site you want to learn how to do the hits before starting because you can get rejected if you do them incorrectly or more then once. This is not a way for the site to get over or not pay you, this is a legitimate site.  I had done over seven hundred hits in 32 days and made two hundred and four dollars with only nine rejects. I got the first seven rejects by starting before I knew what I was doing and made mistakes, I was in a rush to start making money and did not learn about the hits.  The other two rejects I got were from doing the same hit twice, you do not get paid for the same hit twice.  Some of them have multiple hits and you can do more then one, but they are different hits.

 These rejects can hurt you in the long run by lowering your overall completion score and making you ineligible for some of the better paying hits. It is easy to not get hits, I have not got one in three months now. Just pay attention and know the hit and what you have to do before accepting it. Here are a few tips to prevent getting hits:

  1. Make sure you understand the hit and what you have to do.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the site and how to use it.  
  3. Make sure you have not done the hit before, some check for you.
  4. Do not rush through survey's or try doing other things on different sites.
  As you gain experience with the site you will find there are certain types of hits you like better then others, I will do these hits and stick with the surveys. There are ways to maximize your earnings, stay away from the small paying hits untill you finish all the better paying ones. They add new hits three times a day so you should always have a good supply of hits.  By keeping your rejects down and your completion score high you will be able to get better paying hits, you can also qualify for better paying hits by applying for the qualifications or taking qualification tests. Make sure you are ready for the test because some you can not retake.

 If you can type fast and do transcribing you can make some money, these are the better paying hits along with the surveys. You have to get qualified for these but if you can do it you will have no problem.

  Here is a few tips I use to maximize my income:

  1.    Start with higher paying hits, fifty cents or above.
  2.    After completing all them move down to twenty cent or above hits.
  3.    After completing all them move down to 5 cent or above hits.
  4.    I rarely go below that, you can if you want but I see it as wasting time. 
If you want to raise your completion score you can do it by doing a lot of the low paying hits, these are usually quick to complete and you can do many of them. Just be sure you are doing them correct or you could end up with a high reject rate instead.

  This site does not have a referral program for another way to earn extra, it is a good site that you can trust.

 Getting paid, you have to get a Amazon payment account to get paid. Then you can switch it to your bank account or purchase off of Amazon with it, you can also chose to get Amazon gift cards for payment if you prefer.

  I learned that if you do something on the site everyday your earning will add up quickly, I try to do five dollars or more worth of hits daily. That comes out to be a hundred and fifty dollars a month. You first withdrawal has a minimum amount but after that you can take out as little as you want and do it daily if it pleases you.

  Give Amazon Mechanical Turk a try, I know you are going to like it as a site to make money with. Just remember it is not a get rich quick scheme, you will have to work and put some time in to make the money.

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