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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3 Websites To Make Money Online With


 I have discovered 3 sites that look interesting to me, I have started with two of them and going to try the third one soon. I will give a follow up on how they work out but I wanted to share them now. There are so many sites that say you can make money and in all fairness most of them do not work. They should get together and make a nice site that works well and people can make money off of it.  These three are similar to Bubblews a little so I wanted to get them out there, they are all new so you will be getting in when they started.

image of daily tweo cents

The first one is Daily Two Cents, this is a writing site that pays according to views. It has some brother and sister sites that work on the same principle, it appears that when you join one you can work for all. This site has a 100 word minimum but requires a little more if you want to add a link, you get paid $1.50 for 1000 views. This site has been improving in rank, that is probably why they are adding the other sites. One that is still in development is a picture sharing site, I want to try this when it comes available.

image of thoughts factory

  The next one is called Thoughtz Factory, it is a social platform that pays 50% on all ads generated by your thoughts. Your thoughts can be small, 500 characters or more and pictures are 1 mb or smaller. There is no limit to how many you can put in per day. I put three in and it took about 10 minutes. The only thing is I am not sure how much traffic it gets.  You do want to write your articles in notepad or another like it because I lost three articles because the site timed out while I was writing them. You can learn more about Thoughtz Factory here.

image of newslines

 The last one is called Newslines and looks to be the most complicated one to use but I could be wrong, It is the best looking and most put together of the three sites. It has a 50% revenue share but that goes up with your time there and what you do. With this you can not just add a few articles and expect to get paid, you have to build a following it says.

I have tried the first two so far with no conclusion in yet, the last one I signed up but have not tried yet. They all look to be promising but time will tell, I like the way the two I have tried work.


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