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Friday, March 20, 2015

2 Revenue Sharing Examples To Make Money

3 Revenue Sharing Examples To Make Money

   Here are three revenue sharing examples of the way a shared revenue site should work, when you work for this kind of writing site your payment should be a percentage of the revenue share itself. Many of these sites do not work well because they are not set up correctly, there should be higher standards and more pay for the participants.  I thought I found a great site today that had a format of what I believe would work well but it was old and not working, I still think the theory I have about a site is sound. 

Revenue Sharing Agreement

  When looking for a money making site you want to find one that pays a fair revenue share, I will not take less then 50%. If you can get into a site with high traffic and a low Alexa ranking you should be in a good spot to earn.
  You want to get to know the site rules and do the type of work that puts you in the top 5%, this means you will be leading the site and can get your work into the premium spots.

Article Writing Sites

  I have been trying some new article writing sites to do reviews on them for my new blog, I am hoping along the way I can find a few that actually work well. I can use them for myself to make a little extra money along the way.
  When I chose a site to try I look for ones that have a clear revenue sharing agreement so I know what I should be making from them. I am doing these for reviews so I am logging down all the information as I go.

  With these sites you usually write an article and ads are put on the pages with the articles, you will split the amount of money that is made from the article with the site creators. I have seen some different variations of this.
 You can make some decent money with these if you write plenty of good articles, since the google updates some of these are not doing well. The better ones made it through the updates but you have to write better articles now to make the same as before. One of these that made it through the updates with a little set back but is already on it's way back up is Hubpages, they are probably the largest since they bought out Squidoo. I write for them and do good as long as the traffic stays high. 

image of revenue sharing income chart


        Affiliate Marketing 

               Affiliate marketing is another form of revenue sharing, you advertise someone else's  product or service and get a commission for every sale. Your commission or percentage is usually between 20% and 70% of the sale price, people have been making money doing this for years. Even before there was an internet people were doing affiliate marketing.                                          

   The second one I wanted to talk about was Amazon, when you advertise items for them your are taking part in revenue sharing.  You can advertise one or many of their items, you can even open a store there. According to their  revenue sharing agreement, your shared revenue is low. Between 4% and 9% on each item, the thing is you earn on all the items on the site, not just the ones you advertise. If they come from your advertising and buy another item, you get a commission for that item too.                                                                                                                

  There are Thousands of affiliate sites you can use to advertise with, all the big companies online have an affiliate program. Some have percentages as high as 70% or more.

Photo Sharing Sites        

   You can make money in two ways with these sites, some of them let you upload your pictures and give them away. You get paid a commission for the ads on the site according to how many pictures you upload or get downloaded.

The other way is your picture gets sold outright and you get a commission for every sale, I believe there are even a few sites that you pay a monthly fee to use but get all the money made from your pictures. Some of the more popular sites can have 30 million pictures or more online. Make sure you know and understand the revenue sharing agreement with these sites, it is also good to know the requirements of the pictures before taking them so you can use the correct settings.

Micro Task Sites        

These are sites that you get paid to do small tasks on, you can make some money with these but they take up time. There are many scams in this area but one of the sites I found and made the most money with was Amazon Mechanical Turk. I did well, I made 190 dollars in 32 days and did not work everyday. You have to pay attention from the start and not make mistakes, but it is not hard. There are plenty of ways to increase your income, do the higher paying hits and stay away from the 5 cent or less ones. Do not make any mistakes, read and understand everything before you try it.  When it comes to shared revenue I believe this is a good site.

   I believe I gave more then the three sites I started out with, the three I recommended as good revenue sharing examples are listed. When picking sites to work with, the revenue share is not the most important thing. Make sure they are reputable and well known so they get plenty of traffic and you will not have any problems getting paid.                                                                                                                                                      

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