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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Make A Living Online

                           Making A Living Online

 It is difficult to make money online but not impossible, making a living online has a learning curve and many people will give up before earning any money or reaching a payout amount. Many sites bank on you not reaching the payout amount so I will struggle to reach it and cash out without ever participating again.

 I also write this blog to tell about my experiences with these sites and the ones that do not pay, I put a lot of hours into this and sometimes (more often then not) I do not make a cent. To keep bringing this information you and having it available all the time I need help. My earnings from this site come through my links so use them when you can to make purchases, It will help me to create more content and address better issues about earning money online.

Blogging can be a good way to make an online income but it takes a while to build up readers and you need a subject that drawls people to it.  Here is a good book that gives you the ins and outs,
How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog It helped me to get started and build readership and now I just have to continue what I am doing. I want to do more but I still work a day job.

Make A Living

To make a living online you need to have your own site or blog, you can make money online with revenue sharing sites like  Hubpages but you will never make enough to live off of.
I participate on these sites daily and earn a few dollars a day but I mostly get advertising to my sites from them, give it a try and follow where your site traffic comes from and you will see it works. They may only bring in a few dollars a day but it is pretty consistent and it adds up with other income or even on it's own..


 Since I opened the door to advertising I will discuss that now, whatever you do online you will need to advertise it. This has become much easier with the social media sites that are now available, I like Pinterest and Tsu for this, the second is an invite only and you get paid for your sharing on there. If you wish an invitation then click the link, I have to say that with social media marketing you need to be connected in may places and put the time in to make it work. I will add that good and interesting content can go viral and sell itself.

Other ways to make money inline are Sites like Amazon Mechanical turk or if you are good at taking pictures you can start to sell them on sites like 123RF , Bigstock, and Dreamstime. These are good sites to buy and sell pictures on and if you are into photography then it is worth looking into.

The Truth

The truth is you can make money on many ways online but if you want to make a living you need to have your own sites. If you can find ways to advertise your site and get traffic you will make money, I try to advertise in ways that I get paid for as well so I have more sources of income even if it is just a little. If I was doing it anyway for traffic I might as well get paid for it.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Make Money With Photography

Maybe your hobby or profession is photography and you are good at it, learn to make money with photography or expand the business you already do with photography.
Image Of Camera

 Many people need images online to create their sites, blogs, or articles. This creates a high demand for images that fit into hundreds of categories. Take what you like or are good at and focus your images on that, once you get started then experiment with other styles or interests.

 You might be surprised to learn you are good at other aspects of taking pictures. I have always liked wildlife but I get contentment to sit back and film it.

 Now there are hundreds of stock sites out there that you can buy images from or sell your images to, or you could do both and break even.
 I am going to name just a few that I had experiences with and made money, I have also used their images for my sites.

 123RF  The first one I want to start with is a site I like called 123RF that works well, I joined it and was scared off by how complicated it looked. I started on some other sites and learned about stock photography, I realized it was not complicated at all and went back. I been making money with it ever since, not a lot but it is growing as my profile does.

 I think the thing to do is diversify, have your images on three or more sites and sell them on other sites like fiver as well.

 Dreamstime  This site gets a good amount of views meaning your pictures are being viewed, it just takes a long time to get your pictures added to the site(14 to 21 days) Once you get your pictures on Dreamstime then you have a good chance of making money with them.

 This is not a way to make a lot of money until you get established with hundreds of images online. You can make money with it add if you stick with it and get better you will learn how to make more as you go. 

More Money

 Other ways to earn are by making vectors or logos and loading them for sale, if you can drawl or make illustrations you can load these for sale and make money from them the same as from pictures.


 Between the three sites I am on I make a sale almost every day, I have maybe 100 to 150 images on each site and some of them are the same. I see it actually becoming something if I keep loading pictures. You want to pay attention to what is selling and work on that.

 Also you want to get ready for holidays 60 days before, get images or Vectors loaded ahead of time so they can be used for the upcoming holiday.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Experts123 Looks to Be A Good Site

I have heard of this site and joined to try it, all my research is coming back as a good site. Everyone is getting paid on time.
image of experts123

Making Money

All the money you make here is by views to your work, once you get so many articles turned in (I think it is 5 good ones) you move up to a level where you get paid upfront for your articles. You also become eligible to do work for people directly as assignments where you get paid 10, 20.00 or more for your articles if they want them.

You can make money by asking and answering questions and in this manner you get paid for 1000 views. This depends on your level of work and it is between 1.00 and 2.00 per 1000 views, It also works on a point system where you get more points for what you do and the site gives you more privileges, you need 30 points to start writing articles but you get that many for filling out your profile. These points also establish you as an expert in a field allowing you to rank higher.

Site Rules

The site rules are not bad and they are there to protect you and the site while making it better, there are not many that make it overwhelming. I have not experienced any that I have not experienced on other sites. You can join and then spend a few minutes with them and be ready to start-not bad!

Getting Paid

Right now you have to have a Paypal account to get paid because that is the only way they pay, I use Paypal for most of my payments anyway so this works fine for . They are reliable and secure as a money platform.  

My Recommendation  

As of right now My research is good about this site, I have joined it and actively adding to it to see how it works. I will be adding more as I go, I do recommend you try it if you are interested but as with anything until it has a proven success rate- just be careful..   

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Make Money With Your Pictures

Person taking pictureI have been looking into making money by taking pictures, it is a market that is flooded with amateurs
 and a good share of professionals. The upside of it is there are plenty of people online that need pictures for their articles and design ideas. Their is still money to be made here if you have the equipment and know how.

My 35mm experience

When I was 13 to 17 I done photography with my father, we had a darkroom and developed our own film and pictures. I thought getting into this was going to be easy because of what I knew and I discovered how much photography has changed with the use of digital and no need for film.

 Some of what I know helps but I have much to learn with the new cameras
digital camera
and techniques. I thought my good  Nikon coolpix and Kodiak  cameras would work and quickly found out I can not even get Pictures on the quality sites with these cameras. I found a couple free sites that share adsense revenue with you but have only made pennies so far.

Because of my experience and love for pictures I thought this would be a good idea for me and still do, I just have to learn a little and get better equipment.
  I am looking for a reasonably priced camera that is good enough for some great pictures and learning what I can about digital picture taking and processing. I have found one I want but it is near 1000.00 dollars and if I do not do it to make money that is a unnecessary purchase. Maybe a cheaper model to start and if I get into it big time I can get a better one.
 You may be lucky to have one already if you think of trying this.
Quality digital camera

Selling sites

I have tried three sites that take lower quality photos, two of them have made me a few cents and the third must be dead because I did not get one view with 38 pictures. I am deleting my account there, that was the paying site and the adsense sites made me a few pennies. I have not been able to get on the good sites. The sites I have made a few cent with are Freerange stock and Stockvault. I noticed you need pictures that are interesting and have  theme like "man washing hands" or Cat climbing Tree" to get more attention but regular pictures that are good can bring in some views if you know what is popular at the time.

Knowing what is trending at the time really helps you to focus subject matter on making money. I try to get picture that are good now and will still sell later because building up a portfolio of more pictures that are selling means more long term income.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Websites That Pay You To Write

  Over the past couple of years most of the websites that pay you to write have taken a hit and closed their doors, Some still have the site online squeezing the last dollar out of it while people  unknowingly join and waste their time there.

 Some of these sites had a good set up and many users so it was a shame that they feel to the google updates. I guess it had to come sooner or later and some good people that were just trying to make a few dollars to make ends meet are left out in the cold.

A few of these sites are;

  1. Squidoo
  2. Snipsley
  3. Zujava
  4. Xomba
There have been some sites popping up to replace them, they pay little and are not popular enough to have many visitors. Or you get one that pays more then you know it should and wonder how it will sustain that, is it going to go under?

I came across one of these sites and I am curious about how it works, I joined and will try it to let everyone know about it. You mat be interested in trying it as well, just in case it works out and gets popular you can be in on it from the beginning. If you are interested the site is called Seraphic Insights and it seems to be like the site Thoughtz factory a little however there is much more to it.

 With as big as the internet is it should not be so hard to earn money online, it was getting to where there were a few good sites and then the updates wiped them out. I know the changes will make it better eventually but I wonder if it will be changes again as soon as it starts getting good.
Finding websites that pay you to write is getting harder.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Money Making Updates, A Site That Works Well

      Are You trying To Make Money Online?

There are some things that work well and I need to go over again for people that need help, I have two sites that I make money on daily. Both took a hit with the google updates. They survived and that alone should show they are strong sites and are not in any type of way looking to take advantage of people. The fact that they are getting stronger and they are growing again shows that they work and are worth being part of.

I have to bring these to your attention because they work, the more people that use them help them to get stronger and grow which in turn helps me to earn more as well.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Social Media

                              Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to spread the word about something, if you use this to your advantage you can improve the traffic to your site or blog and use it to make money.

  There are many social media site and some of them are well known with millions of visitors a month, if you use this correctly and get your site on there you will have traffic that keeps coming.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Traffic Generating Site... The Real Deal


 I came across this site and joined it not knowing what is was completely about, as I learn and do more on it my traffic seams to increase daily. The site gets over 200,000 visitors a day and is a great way to grow your business.

IBO stand for independent business owners, this is a collection of people that are trying to better themselves and will help you. Just help the next man after you learn and start doing better. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Writing At Wizzley

                             Do you consider yourself a writer, Try Wizzley?

  If you write for a living and actually make money to pay your bills then you may be a professional writer, if you write at revenue sharing sites then I have a good one for you to try. I have heard of this site called Wizzley but never tried it until recently. Now I wish I tried it a long time ago when I first heard about it.

Friday, March 20, 2015

2 Revenue Sharing Examples To Make Money

3 Revenue Sharing Examples To Make Money

   Here are three revenue sharing examples of the way a shared revenue site should work, when you work for this kind of writing site your payment should be a percentage of the revenue share itself. Many of these sites do not work well because they are not set up correctly, there should be higher standards and more pay for the participants.  I thought I found a great site today that had a format of what I believe would work well but it was old and not working, I still think the theory I have about a site is sound. 

Revenue Sharing Agreement

  When looking for a money making site you want to find one that pays a fair revenue share, I will not take less then 50%. If you can get into a site with high traffic and a low Alexa ranking you should be in a good spot to earn.
  You want to get to know the site rules and do the type of work that puts you in the top 5%, this means you will be leading the site and can get your work into the premium spots.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Is Affiliate marketing

        What is Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing or referral marketing as it is sometimes called is when a person collects a fee for advertising another person's product and a sale is made. An affiliate marketer will promote other people's merchandise in the way they have available to them or create another way. They are usually good at marketing and driving traffic in certain directions.

Build A Blog Or Website

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3 Websites To Make Money Online With


 I have discovered 3 sites that look interesting to me, I have started with two of them and going to try the third one soon. I will give a follow up on how they work out but I wanted to share them now. There are so many sites that say you can make money and in all fairness most of them do not work. They should get together and make a nice site that works well and people can make money off of it.  These three are similar to Bubblews a little so I wanted to get them out there, they are all new so you will be getting in when they started.

image of daily tweo cents

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Best And Worst Ways To Make Money Online.

The Best and Worst Ways To Make Money Online

    There are Plenty of claims on how to make money online, some work and some do not. Here are some of the best and worst ways to make money online. 
  There are people out there that want to help others make money an better themselves, and unfortunately there are the ones that want to  make money at your expense. Knowing the difference and associating with the ones that want to help will make the difference whether you succeed or fail in your money making efforts.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Using Keywords To Get More Traffic

               Using Keywords to Get More Traffic.

 Keywords are important to get your site indexed to get more traffic to it, knowing when and how to use them is important in building your site. A keyword is a word or group of words you use to tell the search engines what
the site is about, you also have long tail keywords which is a group of words that is more focused on what your site is about.
   Long Tail keywords bring a more targeted form of traffic to your site.Once you know what your site is to be about you want to start doing your keyword research and pick about 100 to 200 good keywords or phrases that have a good amount of searches but little competition. 
Image of keywords

   Keywords with hundreds of thousands of searches are good but will have too much competition, try to find keywords with 5,000 to 30,000 monthly searches or less.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Amazon Mechanical Turk

                      Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an excellent site to make money on, if you are looking for a way to work online and earn some extra money this is one of the best there is.   On here you do small jobs called hits and make a fee of one cent to two dollars or more each. As with anything else you need to learn all the ins and outs of how it works to maximize your earnings. You are dealing with Amazon which is a large and reliable company so there is no worrying about it being a scam or getting paid.